Clock Filter/Timer Filter :

Clock Filter: Hourly filter to frame your trading (will only take into account entry opportunities from the configured time).
Take the time of your broker present in the Market Watch to configure the time filter. Choose 'True' to enable it.

• StartTime: the time at which ARYA can take position.
• EndTime: the time at which ARYA will no longer be able to trade.

ClockRewind: ARYA will take into account buying or selling opportunities before the configured time and will place an order at the defined time when the sequence starts. Choose 'True' to enable it.

Timer Filter: Duration filter to time your trading (only works in Visual Mode). Choose 'True' to enable it.

• TimerFilterMinutes: Enter the number of minutes during which ARYA will be authorized to trade. At the end of the timer ARYA will deactivate.
If a trade is in progress, it will be managed according to the SL, TP and Trailing Mode entered, if no trade has been triggered, ARYA will be deactivated and will not take a new trade.