How do I connect to my VPS server?

Find your server credentials in your email (don’t forget to check your spam).

This email will be sent to you automatically after activating your ARYA license in your ARYA account, "Trading Software" > ‘’Activate my licenses’’.

Follow the instructions provided and connect to your dedicated server.

IP (PC name) / LOGIN (user name) / PASSWORD
123 456 789 / Administrator / Password***

For an Apple Mac:

- Download the ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ application from the App Store

- Open the application Click on the ‘+’ in the top bar then on ‘Add a PC’

- Enter your IP address

- Enter the user name “Administrator” and click on “Add”

- Click on the server again and enter the password

- Login

For a Windows PC:

- Type in the search bar of your computer “Remote Desktop Connection”

- Enter your IP address

- Enter your server login and password

- Login

For a smartphone:

- Connect from any smartphone

- Download the ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ application from your App Store

- Enter your IP address, login and password

IMPORTANT: Your IP address (which is sent to you by e-mail) is personal to you and will always remain the same. Use this number to connect your VPS to any internet connected device.