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How do I link my MT4 account number to ARYA ?

You have two steps to perform:

> The first is to link your MT4 account number to your ARYA licence.
Log into your ARYA Client Dashboard, tab "Software" > "Activate/Manage my licenses". Enter your MT4 account number, broker name and click on "Activate my license". 

> The second step is to connect your account to your MT4 platform. 
Open your MT4 platform (on your VPS server or on your computer).
Click on "File" > "Open an account".
Choose the trading server requested by your broker (found in the email you received from your broker with your MT4 account details), click on "next".
Click on "Existing trade account", copy and paste your MT4 account number and password and click on "Finish". 

You have now linked your MT4 account number to your ARYA licence. To check that your connection is working properly, you should have a connection speed in the bottom right hand corner of your chart.