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How do I log onto my dedicated server (VPS)?

Find your server credentials in your ARYA email (remember to check your junk mail). This would have been sent to you automatically after activating your ARYA License in your ARYA Account > Activate/Manage my Licences. Follow the instructions provided and connect to your dedicated server.

IP (PC name) / LOGIN (username) / PASSWORD

123,456,789 / Administrator / Pass***word

For an Apple Mac

- Download the ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop' App from the App Store

- Open the app

- Click on the ‘+’ on the top bar and then ‘Add PC’

- Input your IP address

- Input the username ‘Administrator’ and click ‘Add’

- Click on the server again and enter the password

- Login

For a Windows PC

- Type in the search bar of your computer ‘Remote Desktop Connection’

- Input your IP address

- Input your server login and password

- Login

 For a Smartphone

- Connect from any smartphone

- Download the ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ app from your App store

- Input your IP address, log in and password

IMPORTANT: Your IP address (sent to you via email), is individual to you and will always remain the same. Use this number to connect your VPS to any device that is connected to the internet.