Important points

To receive ARYA Scan notifications on your smartphone, follow these steps:
Step 1: MT4 Mobile App

a) Install the Meta Trade 4 app from Google Play/Apple Store.

b) On the Mobile MT4 app, identify yourself with your trading account credentials.

c) In the settings panel of the MT4 mobile application, select Chat and Messages and take note of the code that is displayed.

Step 2: MT4 platform (server/computer)

a) In the “Tool” panel of your MT4 platform, select “Options”.

b) Select "Notifications".

c) On Meta quotes ID enter the code noted from the application of your smartphone (step 1 – c).

Step 3: ARYA Scan
In the settings panel of your ARYA Scan software, enable notifications by selecting "Smartphone" instead of "None".

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