Max Loss Daily: Set the maximum percentage capital loss you can incur in one day. Max Loss Daily is calculated on all assets on which ARYA is activated, combined. Choose from 1% to a maximum of 5% of your account balance. If you choose 4%, ARYA will stop trading when you have lost 4% of your capital in one day.

Consecutive loss: Limit the number of consecutive losses you can incur per day per asset. Choose from 1 consecutive loss to None (unlimited). Example: If you choose 1, ARYA will stop trading when one loss has been realised. Similarly, if you choose ‘3’, ARYA will stop trading when three consecutive losses have been realised. Even if you deactivate ARYA and restart it, ARYA will still consider the day's trades. If you don’t want ARYA to automatically re-enter several positions after your initial trade, set this parameter.

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