Max Profit Daily: Set the maximum percentage gain you can realise in one day. Max Profit Daily is calculated based on the days closed positions to determine if trading can continue or not. This ensures that realised gains have indeed reached the daily profit limit (as gains from open positions have not yet been realised). Set your Max Profit target from 0.25% to None (unlimited profit). As soon as the Max Profit level is reached, ARYA will stop trading. If a Max Profit of 0.5% is set, ARYA will stop trading (and secure the profit) when you have gained 0.5% of your account balance in one day.

Consecutive win: Limit the number of consecutive wins you can incur per day per asset. This parameter is designed to prevent overtrading. Choose from 1 consecutive win to None (unlimited). Example: If you choose ‘5’, ARYA will stop trading the asset when five wins have been realised. Similarly, if you choose ‘30’, ARYA will stop trading after thirty consecutive wins.

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