Overweekend/Close All-Max Spread (MarketClose)

Market Close: Set as ‘True’ and ARYA will automatically close all your open positions 5 minutes before the markets closes.

Over Weekend: Set as ‘True’ and ARYA will cut off orders and close positions 5 minutes before the market closes on Friday. ARYA will reactivate and begin looking for new opportunities based on your parameters at market opening on Monday.

Close All: You can choose to close all your trades as soon as your trading time has ended.

  • True: ARYA will close all pending orders as well as all current positions at the end of your set Clock Filter and Timer Filter Closing will only apply to the trades in which you have activated the Close All.
  • False: At the end of the Clock Filter or Timer Filter, ARYA won’t close any open trades but will not open any more positions.

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Max Spread: Choose the maximum spread an asset can have for ARYA to take a position. The spread is the difference between the Bid and Ask price set by your broker and can widen during times of volatility. Example: If the max spread is set to 2 and the current price spread is 2.1, then ARYA cannot take the position.

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