Smart Allocation

Allows you to make a smart and fast allocation of your portfolio, by setting up automatic allocation rules on the cryptos of your choice.
You can enter the “quantity” as well as the crypto you wish to buy and thus build your portfolio yourself, weighting it according to your choice.

Add Asset: You can add as many cryptos as you want by selecting the crypto from the drop-down list and then clicking on "Add Asset".
You can delete some by clicking on the red cross next to each crypto. To cancel the complete composition of your portfolio and redo a new allocation, for example, click on the red cross at the very top of the table next to
" Allocation ".

Weight: You can choose the weighting of each crypto in your allocation yourself by entering the value or directly the percentage in the “Weight” of the selected crypto.

Asset Collections: You can also choose to invest your portfolio in the most interesting cryptos of the moment. To do this, choose between
TOP 5/10/15/20.
By checking the “Use market capitalization weightings” box, your portfolio will automatically be weighted according to market capitalization.

Rebalancing Frequency: You can automatically renew this allocation every day/week/month or not renew it by selecting “None”.
If you choose to renew your portfolio allocation with one of the TOP 5/10/15/20, it is the cryptos of the TOP selected, at the time of renewal, that will be used to allocate your portfolio.
That is to say, if one of the cryptos that was in the TOP at the time of the first allocation is no longer in the top at the time of renewal, it will not appear in the new allocation of your portfolio. and any new cryptos therein will be added.
If you choose to activate renewal for the allocation you made yourself, the renewal will be with the exact same coins.
If you choose not to renew the allocation as configured, you can also cancel the renewal by clicking on "Cancel".
Exit Strategy: Allows you to pre-program your exit strategy as soon as a performance objective has been reached. For example, you can decide to sell all or part of your portfolio as soon as it reaches 10% gain.

Tip: If you want to make a Smart Allocation and use the Trading part, start by making your Smart Allocation and then use the available cash (USDT) on your wallet for the Trading part.