StopLoss Type:

StopLoss Type: Size of your StopLoss

Point: Allows you to enter the StopLoss in points. The dot is the last digit to the right of the asset price.

Volatility: Choose the unit of time you want to take into account for volatility in the StopLoss TimeFrame field as well as the value in StopLoss Value.
Ex: You can choose an SL with the volatility of H4 for example. If you choose 1 you multiply by 1 the volatility of H4. If you choose 4, you multiply the volatility of H4 by 4.
It's up to you to choose the volatility of the time unit you want and by how much you want to multiply it.

DayHighLow (by default): The StopLoss is placed on the highest and lowest defined according to the day before.
However ARYA checks every minute if there is not a new high or low on the current day.

U Stop Loss: ARYA calculates an optimized StopLoss in relation to a U curve.

Price: Allows you to enter the price at which you wish to place your StopLoss.

HighLowCustom: Choose the unit of time you want to take into account in the StopLoss TimeFrame field.
Takes into account the highest or lowest of the current candle of the chosen time unit.
Warning: Do not use it with small time units, your trade would be cut almost instantly.

Percentage: Value as a percentage of the market price.
If you choose the value 5 in StopLossValue, the StopLoss will be positioned at 5% of the market price. Fits well for trading stocks.

StopLoss TimeFrame: Allows you to choose the time unit on which the StopLoss will apply.

StopLoss PointBuffer: Allows you to add a few points to the StopLoss initially calculated by ARYA.

StopLoss Value: Works with StopLoss: point, volatility, price, percentage. Enter the value that ARYA must take into account to exit position according to the chosen parameter.