StopLossType/Breakeven/TakeProfit 1-2-3/Weights

Stop Loss Type: Set your Stop Loss to protect your capital if the market moves in the wrong direction. Note: The type you set will be applicable for the Stop Loss, Breakeven and Take Profit 1/2/3.

  • Stop Loss Price (default): Place your Stop Loss at a defined price.
  • Stop Loss Point: Define your Stop Loss in points. A point is the rightmost number of the price.

Example: If the entry price is 3714.00 and you want to place your Stop Loss one point lower, enter 100 and the Stop Loss will be placed at 3715.00. If you want to place the Stop Loss 2 points lower, enter 200 and the Stop Loss will be placed at 3716.00 etc. If you want to place the Stop Loss 20 points lower, enter 1000 and the Stop Loss will be placed at 3724.00 etc.

Stop Loss: Enter the value of your Stop Loss according to your Stop Loss Type (in either point or price). ARYA will then place your Stop Loss that far away from your entry point.

The Stop Loss cannot be modified while your trade is running.

Breakeven: Enter the price you want ARYA to place the Breakeven. When the market has reached the breakeven, ARYA will secure the trade at 1% of the distance from the entry point to the Take Profit. So, your Stop Loss will move 1% above your entry point in a BUY trade.

You can manually modify the breakeven during the trade.

Take Profit 1/2/3: ARYA can secure all or parts of your trade by accumulating and cashing out gains. If you choose more than one Take Profit (TP), ARYA will split the position according to the ‘Weight’ you set. Each time a TP value has been reached ARYA will close that weighting of the trade.
If the position is too small, e.g., 0.01 lot, ARYA will not be able to split the position and only TP1 will be considered. If you only want one TP, simply enter the price in TP1 with a weight of 100% and ensure that TP2 and TP3 are set to 0 for value and 0 for weight.

You can manually modify the Take Profit levels during the trade.

Weight: The percentage of the trade ARYA will secure at each Take Profit 1/2/3. All weights must equal 100%. If you only set up two TPs, the two weights together must equal 100%.

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