What are the different types of trade ideas and notifications?

  • Trade ideas: You will receive trades taken by expert traders. This includes the price level of the StopLoss, TakeProfit 1-3, the Breakeven, the unit of time and a timer for which the trade is valid. Trade ideas are taken with ARYA Trade Manager.
  • Trade Templates: Trade Templates provide the full parameter set up for ARYA Pro. Simply copy the settings into your own Pro software and/or adapt them according to your trading style.
  • Trade Updates: Stay informed about a recent trade idea. Updates are posted by the expert who sent them. They will continue to monitor the trade, watching if it is working well, if an adjustment needs to be made or if/when the trade should be cut.
  • Breaking news: Receive detailed trading plans and information flashes with a global context so that you can easily stay informed on important investment opportunities and developments.