Which broker should I choose?

You have a wide choice of different brokers you can choose from our list of partner brokers in your ARYA Account > ‘Choose a broker’. We have provided some key information to make your decision easier. Base your decision on the assets you want to invest into. If you want to invest mostly in crypto, take a look at the list of crypto brokers. If you want to use ARYA Software, you must choose a broker that offers the MT4 platform (of course, to use ARYA you are not only limited to the MT4 compatible brokers on our list). You can also base your decision on the minimum capital requirement and the lot size. We recommend you go for brokers that offer micro-lots (0.01). 

Note: many professional investors have multiple brokerage accounts to invest into different assets at the most optimal broker e.g. one broker to trade crypto, one broker to invest long-term and one to trade generally.