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Why does the ARYA performance box disappear instantly?

  • Check you have correctly logged into your trading account on your MT4 platform. We advise you to always copy/paste your login credentials as server keyboards are not always in QWERTY mode.
  • Check if your Demo account has expired. Most of the time Demo accounts are valid for 15 days. You can verify this by logging out of your account on the MT4 platform and then reconnecting. If the account has expired, you can create a new one in your broker’s customer area.
  • If you have created a new account or switched between trading accounts, check you made the change in your ARYA Account > Activate/Manage my Licenses. It’s necessary that the account number on your MT4 platform is the one that is activated in your ARYA Account for ARYA to work.
  • Check “Autotrading” is activated. For ARYA to work, this button must always be green.