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Why is my account inactive/invalid?

  1. Check that you have linked the correct MT4 account number with ARYA by re-entering it in the ‘Activate/Manage my Licences’ in your ARYA Account. Your MT4 account number must be changed on your ARYA Account every time you switch between accounts.  
  2. Ensure you have logged into your MT4 account with the correct credentials. The logins will have been sent to you by your broker via email.
  3. Check that you are connected to the server specified in your broker's email. 
  4. Check that your account has not expired. Demo accounts can expire between 15 and 30 days (depending on your broker). If the account has expired you can simply create a new one.
  5. Check that the account communicated by your broker is active. If not, recreate a new one.