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Why won’t ARYA enter into position?

There could be several reasons which you need to check:

  • The asset you have selected to trade is not compatible with your broker. For example, for XTB, you must trade with the assets ending with a “+”.
  • The lot size is too large relative to your capital. We advise you to use micro-lots.
  • You may not have chosen the right leverage, please select 1:30 for an MT4 standard account.
  • The parameters entered are not set correctly, check they are relevant to the market and consult the ARYA Manual (some settings cannot be used with others). 
  • The most recent fractal was missed so ARYA will wait for the next fractal to appear to enter into the position.
  • Markets are closed. Check the opening times for the market and jurisdiction of the asset you are trading is in.